EB2 Priority Date India Predictions 2019

Indian green card queue waiting numbers emitted by USCIS the Indian Employment Based Category (EB2) skilled worker has waited for approximately 151 years. When 2879 green cards are given to EB2, India every year, which seems to be a case without any carryover forming any other category. One of the largest components to receive a green card in the United States awaits your top concern date. Questions such as how long is my date going to take to be current for those who have invested time, effort and money in a migratory visa? Can I accelerate the process? This post will periodically update the most current visa Bulletin, evaluate the dates and estimates for the coming months to help respond to these queries.

Jobs Green Card / eb2 priority date india predictions 2019-2020

The work category shall be given by the employer or career with five separate preferential rates and seven areas of chargeability. Here you and your sponsor will be listed as well as your professional qualifications. You can also support yourself in some situations. eb2 priority date india predictions 2019-2020 Charges cover China, India, the Philippines, Brazil, Central America, Vietnam, and the Philippines

First Preferential

The EB-1 allows holders to petition without a PERM labor certificate, created for exceptional performers, excellent scholars and teachers, and managers and managers of multinationals. Dates have been shifted three months between the 1st of March 2019 and 1st June 2019 for the general region, Central America, the Philippines and Vietnam. It is 28.6% from the preference level worldwide, plus any numbers not needed for 4th and 5th preference

  • From 1 June 2017, to 8 June 2017, the date for China has moved one week.
  • From 1 March 2015 to 1 May 2015, the date for India has passed on two months.

Second Preferential

Members of the professions holding advanced graduates or people with exceptional capacity: 28.6% of the preference level worldwide, plus any number not first preferred The eb2 priority date india predictions 2019-2020 is intended for qualified students, highly skilled students, and national interest exemptions that require holders to self-appeal.

  • Dates for South, Mexico, the Philippines, Vietnam and Central America continue to be revised.
  • From 15 August 2015, to 1 September 2015, the date has passed on for China two weeks.
  • India’s dates have changed from 22 May 2009 to 25 May 2009 by three days.

Third Preferential

Qualified workmen, professionals and other workers: 28.6% worldwide and not more than 10,000 units of other workmen needed under 1 and 2 preferences.

The EB-3 is for professionals or eligible employees (who have more than 2 years of relevant experience) and other staffs (which have less than 2 years of experience) is the third choice for this level. The general class numbers, Central America, Mexico, the Philippines and Vietnam have not yet been seen and remain at 1 January 2017.

  • From 22 March 2016 to 15 April 2016, China’s date has been extended for three weeks.
  • From 15 January 2009 to 22 January 2009, the date for India has shifted from one week.
  • From 1 June 2008, to 1 July 2008 the ‘other jobs’ date for China has changed one month.

Fourth Preferential

Some special immigrants: 7.1% of the global level. Special jobs come from the USCIS for EB-4 applicants.

  • The general group dates are still in place in China, India, the Philippines and Vietnam.
  • No movement has been reported and remains on July 15, 2016 for Central America.
  • The date has been extended from 15 November 2017 to 22 January 2018 for Mexico two months and one week.

Fifth Preferential

Creation of employment: 7.1% worldwide, not less than 3.000 of which are reserved for rural or high-employment targeted investors. 3.000 are allocated by Sec 610 of Pub to investors in regional centers. L. 102-477.The EB-5 is focused on substantial financial contributions in a U.S. business instead of being dependent on the work.

  • Dates remain all present for the general region, Central America, Mexico and the Philippines.
  • There has been no movement for China’s date and it will remain on 15 May 2015.
  • The Indian date has been extended from 22 October 2018 to 1 January 2019, two months and one week.
  • The Vietnamese date has moved from 15 January 2017 to 8 February 2017 for a period of three weeks.

Could you reduce your time to wait?

The response is: maybe not. There are two main situations in which the green card processing period will be shortened in April, and we shall clarify this. The first approach is to file an I-140 for a green card and load area with a date of priority. In this case, you can opt to pay a higher processing fee, which shortens the care period to 15 calendar days, rather than waiting for the normal six months before the request is processed. But only certain green cards with the I-140 are available. This is not eligible for family or investment migration or for the EB-1C or eb2 priority date india predictions 2019-2020 NIW.

The second scenario involves Porting-Green-Cards or transferring the application from a lower level of choice to a higher level in order to benefit from shorter waiting times. You should not really hold your green card as that is a little misleading. You must actually start with a new petition (and, if necessary, a new P.E.R.M.S). Only by saying that you want to retain your original priority date will the porting aspect occur. It is a very delicate mechanism and has unique requirements as appealing as porting. Your immigration attorney will always make a clear sense of making these decisions.