Management of Immigrant Visas: National Visa Center

The National Visa Center (N.V.C) has the responsibility for pre-processing the requests for immigrant visas approved by the USCIS, including family-sponsored and employment-based immigrant applications of foreign nationals living in the overseas countries. The NVC is a government agency. The NVC serves as an intermediary between the USCIS, which first accepted an immigrant visa petition and the USA consulate, which will finally interview the foreign national.

When the application has been accepted by the USCIS, it will then be sent to the National Visa Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where it will be pre-processed and held until the application is prepared for the adjudication of the immigrant visa application to the nearest US foreign national. Consulate.-Consulate. The transfer of a visa application from USCIS to the National Visa Center takes approximately 30-60 days. The National Visas Center requires an applicant to wait for the acceptance of the application to be confirmed at least 60 days after the date of approval of the immigrant petition.

Immigrant visa demands for US citizens residing outside Germany are not subject to numerical restrictions, but the process of immigration visas remains lengthy and tedious, due to the huge volume of visa applications processed at the National Visa Center and waiting times for the applicant to obtain an interview at the designated consular office. The groups of family preference and job immigrants are subject to numerical restrictions and are grouped into the Visa Bulletin priority systems and date preferences. Candidates who fall under family choice or categories of jobs must wait in line until they have the visa necessary to carry out their immigrant visa application. On the date of priority of the immigrant, the applicant may apply for a visa according to the Visa Bulletin.

What is the date of priority?

The date of priority is normally the date on which the immigrant visa request is duly sent to USCIS by your relative or employer on your behalf. Please explore more about the priority dates and the visa newsletter. Immigration specialists are involved in helping numerical visa restrictions for immigrants in the categories of preferences for families and the work of immigrants as defined in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). The preferences for families shall be limited to at least 226,000 annual visas, whereas the job preferences shall only extend to at least 140,000 annual visas. Visa expert helps to help foreigners decide when they should apply for permanent residency when a visa is open.

The Stage of the Civil Documentation

The applicant may continue with the stage of the Civil Document after it has been checked by the National Visa Centre. We recommend that the intending immigrant file his application with the Department of State and pay the appropriate fees before emailing or mailing any documents to a National Visa Center on the DOS Consular Online Application Portal. It helps candidates to streamline the visa process for migrants and prevent unreasonable delays.

What is the stage for the Civil Documentation?

The civil documentation phase involves the mailing or emailing of different documents at the National Visa Center to allow the NVC, before the case is ready for adjudication, to complete pre-processing of an immigrant’s visa application. If the DS-260 Immigrant Visa Application has been sent to the Department of State and you paid a fee to the site, all immigrants planning to do so must provide civil paperwork for the application for immigrant visas. It includes the preparation of the I-864 help affidavit and the compilation of financial records for family preferences.

Email Processing of Civil Documentations

The Department of State has approved several cases for processing electronically at selected US embassy / consulates in order to simplify the procedure for applying for immigrants for visas. If the case number of NVC starts by the following prefixes, the claimant and the beneficiary’s full names and dates of birth in the email must review and e-mail their civil records, supporting documents, and translations to with the NVC case number on subject. Attachments have to be less than 5 megabytes. If required, applicants can send multiple emails.

Keep in Touch with the National Visa Center:

Via e-mail: for case inquiries Please e-mail: electronic civil record processing provides the NVC case number within the scope of the e-mail line. The email contains the case number, the complete name of the petitioner, the full name of the beneficiary, the date of birth and the date of priority.

The National Visa Center can be reached by phone by calling (603) 334-0700 for immigrant visa inquiries. Representatives from customer service are open, except holidays, from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 12 noon EST. The National Visa Center can be contacted on (603) 334-0888 by telephone for non-immigrant visa inquiries. The same period applies. By email: DR 31 Rochester Avenue Suite 100 Portsmouth, NH 03801-2914, National Visa Center Attn: